конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Єлизавета Кошель, конкурсна робота № 260.
  • №4 імені Остапа Вишні Сумська область
  • Our homework for this lesson was to show some professions. I showed a profession of gardener. Most of my classmates had very funny costumes. Meaning of some jobs was understood by watching our homework. But it was very small group, that can be on the world. Than our teacher showed us a lot of professions on he cartoon board. Most of information, that teacher said was new for me. Steady attention pupils during the lesson was provided by the fact that my teacher of English used different forms of work. Communicative orientation teacher realized by simulating real communicative situations that contribute to improved communication skills. For this teacher in the practice of his work uses innovative technology education, work in groups and pairs, role games and discussions. They contribute to the development of critical thinking skills and cognitive interests of students we feel confident to freely express our thoughts, and quietly take note. We watched a video about career. On cartoon board we have dismantled many tables. This method of learning is extremely good, as in tables of selected information that is written very well. Teacher always efficiently distributed in a classroom, chose the best pace of the lesson. Generally this lesson I liked. It was the best lesson in my life.