конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Всеволод Сердюк, конкурсна робота № 28.
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  • I'd like to tell you about our school lessons of English. English is my favourite school subject, and I think I get very usefull skills at this lesson. Our lesson begins with a greeting. Our teacher is never late, and she, like every teacher doesn't like when students are late because every minute of lesson is very important. After greeting we start something like "speaking warning up" when the teacher asks us about our mood. Then teacher checks our homework. There are often some writing tasks and one speaking task: we make up a story and tell it for the whole calss. After that students ask questions, linking with text. This type of exercise is my favourite, because I like live chating. Then we learn something new: words, rules or read interesting text. We often listen to audio or watch films in English. After that we discus the song we've learned. An important part of lesson is a little 5 minute physical exercises: for eyes, arms and legs. After that we have some writing exercises. They are mostly boring. Sometimes we have to make a dialog on diffrent topics. I think, it's a very interesting type of work. At the end of the lesson we sum up everything we've learned at the lesson. After that the teacher gives us homework and exposes marks. I enjoy English lessons very much, and it's very sad, that we have so few time fot it.