конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Вікторія Мандрик, конкурсна робота № 30.
  • СЗШ |-||| ст. №1 Вінницька область
  • My favourite country is the USA. I love the character and charisma of Americans.My favourite city in the United States is obviously Los Angeles. The main advantage of Los Angeles is convinient and just perfect location on the shore of the ocean.Apparently, people speak English in USA.In Ukraine people also learn English, and if you want to have really good education, you must know this language very well. At our school we have English lessons three times a week. As for me, it's pretty rarely, because I want to speak English freely. My task for today is to complete a composition about the best English lesson in my life. So, I'll write the best composition , or fail. I had a lot of great English lessons, but the best lesson in my life was this study year. At the beginning, we greeted our teacher.We always say to her short poetical greetings. And I want to add that these greetings are joly interesting and simple, but everyone who has ever heard them liked them. After that, we had a few role games between pupils. All children like playing role games, because they're intersting and easy plus, you can improve your English vocabulary and speaking. Now, the best part of the lesson: we watched some short English videos. After each video we had a conversation about it's content. We always watch English videos about nature, animals or people's lifestyle. I learn English not only in order to get a good job.First of all, I learn this language for my enjoyment,and of course, this language will open many oportunites in my life. I'd like to sum this up, that I liked this lesson so much, and it was the best lesson which I've ever had.I'd like to repeat this lesson again and again.