конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дар'я Шаховська, конкурсна робота № 31.
  • Охтирська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів № 5 імені Р.К.Рапія Охтирської міської ради Сумської області Сумська область
  • The Clothes We Wear Before I start writing about my favourite lesson let me introduce myself. My name is Darya. I am 11 and go to the fifth form of our school #5 named after R.K.Rapiy. I live in the beautiful town of Okhtyrka. I am fond of English that is why I admire all our English lessons. However, I would like to tell you about my favourite one. Actually, the lesson was three weeks ago but I still remember it because the lesson was very interesting. The theme of the lesson was “The clothes we wear”. To begin with, every lesson we start with the positive setting and repeat it together in chores: I am a pupil, I am a good pupil, I am a clever pupil, I am a talented pupil, I try to be the best pupil in the world. We can find out the theme and goals of the lesson from the blackboard. Suddenly the teacher took out a suit-case and a map. What were those? Did we like travelling? We guessed the country on the map – the UK. Who wouldn’t like to go to Great Britain? Big Ben, London Eye, Stonehenge, Tower of London immediately appeared in front of my eyes from the multimedia board. Then we did phonetic exercises in order to improve our pronunciation skills. We watched the video”Clothes we wear” and repeated after the speaker. What clothes should we take with us? We needed the Internet to find out the weather forecast for the next day in London. It would be 5 degrees above zero, wet, foggy and rainy. Didn’t forget umbrellas! We made the groups of four pupils and got the task to make a list of items that we would take with us. Who had a bigger list? Fortunately, our team had written 15 items of clothes – we were the winners! The winners had a good rest. We listened and watched the funny videos song “Clothing Song”, moved and delighted. By the way, next part of that lesson was a quest. We moved to the stations and collected coins. It was fun to guess riddles of clothing: *** We cannot help your nose but, We’re very good at warming toes. What are we? *** If your head might freeze, Put me on, please. What am I? *** Five rooms but one door. Besides, the most useful task for me was our game when we described clothes of the classmates and tried to guess whose clothes were those. It was very funny. We checked our home task at the station “Theatre” acting out the dialogues. After that we bought clothes on the collected money for the photo shoot. The most interesting exercise was the role playing game “The Photo Session for Dolls”. As no surprise, the boys liked the task to choose clothes and show them. We imagined ourselves designers and photographers. The lesson was over very quickly. Finally Natalia Oleksiivna explained us the home tasks and marks. I was happy to get eleven and I’d like to have more lessons like that. Everyone could express own impressions of the lesson. We were exciting and amused. To sum up, I like the lessons where we can learn playing.