конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ганна Овсянкіна, конкурсна робота № 33.
  • Середино-Будська загальноосвітня школа І-ІІІ ступенів №2 Середино-Будської районної ради Сумської області Сумська область
  • School is a great time in everybody’s life. When children are at the age when they start education at primary school, their parents want them to be excellent pupils. Of course, they try to do their best and help their children. As for pupils, they are full of emotions on the first day of their school life. Some of them are a bit afraid because they see a lot of people whom they don`t know, and they even cry when their parents leave them in the classroom among other first-formers. Others look very surprised because everything is new around them, they try to make acquaintance with their classmates and look at their first teacher trustfully. Now I`m in the eighth form, and I remember each day of my school life, especially the period of studying at primary school. But first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Ovsiankyna and I study at school number 2 of Seredyna-Buda, Sumy region. I`ve been living in this small town since my childhood. Our class is very friendly, and we spend a lot of time together both at school and after the lessons. It`s a great pleasure to remember my first days at school because our teacher Olga Oleksandrivna tried to do her best to make us a very united group. She taught us to be kind and helpful to each other, we often went for walks in our local park, we had excursions to different towns and so on. But the most memorable events were our lessons. It was very interesting to learn how to read and to write, to count and to do sums. There were a lot of funny moments at those lessons. Now we study much more subjects than we had at those times and we are taught by a number of kind and strict teachers but we’ll never forget Olga Oleksandrivna, we always visit her, tell about our success and problems. When we were pupils of the second form, we started studying English. We were afraid at first, because it was difficult to write letters, to pronounce strange sounds, to learn words , to understand foreign speaking. But our teacher of English Oksana Oleksandrivna tried to do our study easy and interesting. She is an experienced teacher that`s why our lesson were like a game. We sang songs, recited poems, played a lot, made different dialogues and so on. Of course, one of those English lessons will never be forgotten by us. It was an unusual lesson, it was a party devoted to a Teddy bear. Being pupils of the second form, we still liked playing with our toys and the most popular toy among us was a Teddy bear. Even boys had teddy bears at their homes. That’s why Oksana Oleksandrivna said we should bring them to school and organize a party. We started getting ready for the party. We tried to study better because we knew that our party would be filmed. Oksana Oleksandrivna divided us into three groups and each group had to do some work. Our parents helped us too. On a rainy November day we went to school very excited because we knew on that day we had our long-awaited party. We saw some guests at the lesson. They were teachers and parents. The party began with greeting and warming-up. Our teacher asked us if we knew some tales or cartoons about bears. Of course, we remembered our favourite ones. Then Oksana Oleksandrivna asked us to put our bear masks and badges on, she saw that we were in a good mood and invited us to a magic forest, where every tree sounded when they were touched by us. These trees helped revise some reading rules and let us go to the bears’ house. We made acquaintance with a big family of bears and then the pupils of group number one showed how they could make dialogues about the bear family. For example, “-Who is this? – This is Teddy’s Mummy. – What’s her name? – Her name is Ann.” We recited a lot of poems about family. Then Oksana Oleksandrivna told us about the bears’ working day. We found out that Teddy, the smallest of the family, goes to school and he needs our help with his bag. The pupils of group number two wanted to help and showed how they could talk about school things. They asked and answered, ” –Is this a book? – No, it isn’t. This is a pen.” Then we did morning exercises with Teddy , singing “ With my feet I tap, tap, tap…” Teddy bear was very glad and invited us to his school, where the pupils of group number three helped him to tell about his classroom. It was a little difficult but they managed to do this. We heard something like that, “-What’s this? – This is a map. – Where is the map? – It’s on the wall.” Teddy was happy, he told us that his favourite subject at school was English, and promised to study this language as well as he could. We also promised him to get only excellent marks. Our lesson was over. The teacher said we were great. Our parents had made a big cake for us. The form of that cake was like a bear. That was the most delicious cake in my life. I remember those good words that our guests said about our knowledge and about our teacher’s work. Everybody was pleased. We had our Teddy bear party six years ago. I often watch the video of that lesson and remember my feelings on that day. We have had a lot of good and interesting English lessons since that time but the best one will always be the Teddy bear party because it was our first party in English. I have kept my promise given to Teddy. So have my classmates. We try to study English well. Now our favourite work is doing projects. We understand that the Teddy bear party was our first project work. We have done a great number of different projects since that time. They are “ My school”, “ The best places of my town”, and even “ The Olympic games 3000”. A year ago we were told to choose a subject that we would like to study at a profound level. Of course, we’ve chosen English. Firstly, it is a language of international communication and every educated person should speak it. Secondly, those who know English well, are more successful in passing ZNO to enter a university. In conclusion, I’d like to say a few words about our English teacher. Oksana Oleksandrivna is still with us and she has always been the person who inspires us in our study. She loves children and she is fond of her work. She knows English, French and German. Thanks to Oksana Oleksandrivna, we take part in different competitions (“Greenwich”, “Puzzles”) and olimpiads. As a result, five students of our form have become winners of the district olimpiad this year.