конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Юлія Тимофеєва , конкурсна робота № 37.
  • Херсонська гімназія №6 Херсонської міської ради Херсонська область
  • Ecce Describe the best English lesson I have ever been to Two years ago in classic school № 6, in Kherson my teacher of English conducted a demo lesson on the topic “Celebration of New Year in English speaking countries”. A special feature of this lesson was that the teacher united the pupils from two different forms, the eighth and eleventh forms. The classroom was decorated according to different New Year traditions. There was a lovely small green artificial plastic New Year tree. On the board of the classroom there were different posters with pictures which demonstrated various customs and traditions, cuisine of these countries. The lesson began with a greeting of one pupil who announced the topic of the lesson. The girl split all the pupils in two teams and gave us the cards with tasks we had to accomplish to brainstorm our ideas. We were to remember and write down the words on the given topic. We were given 4 minutes. When the first task was done one representative from each team read the whole word list. The team which had more words won. Then we watched and listened to the presentation of one girl about the local traditional food cooked for Christmas. After the presentation we were to fill in the gaps with the missing information and another task was to put jumbled sentences into the right order. We had some funny moments at the lesson. The first one was when we were given two pictures of Santa cut into small pieces and our task was to join the parts and describe the way he looked and his duties during the celebration. Another pleasant moment was when each team song New Year songs and Christmas carols. After this contest it was time to taste surprise for everyone. The pupils of my form we grateful for the invitation to this lesson. We cooked delicious cookies in advance. Everybody liked our tasty present. Rediscovering what it feels like to get knowledge and have fun at the English lesson was a fantastic experience. I felt the team spirit. It was also a chance to share the joy that comes so naturally to pupils. Another thing that made it a specially enjoyable lesson was that it brought back memories of my own childhood experiences. I recollected my personal inner excitement on the eve of every New Year when all my family gather together with great expectations for future. I will never forget the thrill of singing Christmas carols with my friends. Since that time two years had passed. But this lesson gave me so much pleasure that I still keep it in my memory and I hope I will save it for my own future kids. I think everyone should have magic atmosphere of Christmas in their hearts.