конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Вікторія Горопека, конкурсна робота № 40.
  • Вільшанська ЗОШ І-ІІ ступенів Черкаська область
  • My best English lesson I am a pupil of the 8th form. I study different subjects at school. To my mind, some of them are useful, some of them are important, others are difficult for me. Speaking about English, it is not easy but interesting. What makes this lesson interesting? What motivates me to study it well? To begin with, my parents always persuade me that knowledge of foreign language is necessary for every educated person. Then my teacher Lyudmila Anatoliivna inspired me to overcome hardships and achieve success. Next, I never forget our first English lesson when we guessed the first rule to speak English well. The answer was very simple to have a nice smile. So, we always try to have it at every English lesson, because we know that our teacher tries her own best. She often creates the atmosphere where we can feel relax and forget about our problems. She involves us in the other world, world of English language. It is difficult to choose and describe only one lesson. Each lesson is unique. We never feel bored. Lyudmila Anatoliivna prepares a lot of various activities. Among them vocabulary and grammar games, acting, true to life dialogues, singing popular songs and even dancing. We like to develop our language portfolio. As for me, I at drawing so that I like decorating pages for it and make project. Sometimes our teacher organizes different meeting, for example, school-leavers who achieved success in studing English come to communicate with us. Moreover, we go to younger pupils and act for them. Also, we like preparing interesting additional grammar and vocabulary information surfing the Internet or watching lessons in You Tube. Of it is really worth one we get a point or a bonus. To my mind, it is a good idea. No doubt, we never forget the lesson in a form tea-party. We behaved like English gentlemen and ladies. Other teachers were invited as well. We were the participants of this tradition. As soon as our teacher starts speaking or reading each of as always keeps quiet because we like listening to her perfect English pronunciation and intonation. Honestly speaking, I always try to follow her. Finally, I would like all pupils to have such good teacher.