конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Катерина Загребельна, конкурсна робота № 41.
  • ОЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів №5 ім. Р.К.Рапія Сумська область
  • My name is Kateryna. I would like to tell you about one of my best English lesson. I remember that in the ninth form we had a lesson about Environment protection. The subject of our lesson was “Environment problems in Ukraine”. I think it’s a serious and global problem. I am sure to protect nature people should change the attitude to do it! Every time I wait for English lesson. In my opinion our lessons are informative and useful. Also we find out something new from different themes. Our lesson began from greeting. Then the teacher said what we would do during our lesson. There was a lot of work to do .But suddenly we were surprised. The teacher had an apple and a knife in her hand. She shared this apple and explained that our planet Earth consists of a one third of soil and two thirds of water . She paid our attantion to the diagram on the multimedia board. We understood our planet is small and fragile. The quotation of our lesson was ‘’ The goal of life is agreement with nature’’. Then the teacher conducted the survey “How green are you?” After that we discussed our results. Then the pupils matched the words with their definitions using the multimedia board. It was not difficult. It was cool. But the next task was not simple. We put underlined words into the correct order to make sentences about environment. We helped each other. It was difficult but exciting! I think this task helps to develop my logical thinking and my grammar skills. Before listening and watching the video the teacher had asked questions: «How much do you care about the environment?” “ What are the three Rs? ” ”What should we reduce/reuse/recycle”? This video was about using tin cans, plastic containers and plastic bottles in America. Those were unexpected and original things! Best of all I liked the next task. The teacher divided us into three groups .Our task was to design T-shirts telling people about ecological problems of the day. We worked in small groups and designed three T-shirts on big sheets of paper. Pupils showed their T-shirts to the class and chose the best one. And at last the pupils introduced their projects. It was short video film about how we can save nature in our town. We watched film and recognized our favorite places and picturesque corners of our native town. We enjoyed it! After watching we discussed the questions “What can we do to improve the neighborhood environment? To the end of the lesson the teacher gave us homework to write a letter to a newspaper about saving one of the endangered species of animals in the place where you live. So, to sum up, I can to say I was full of impressions and I think that people have to live in harmony with nature. To my mind everything in the world must be beautiful. A human life is a part of nature and closely connected with it. Now I understand that our planet is in our hands. English lessons teach us to be more tolerant and more kind. We learn to think and make right decisions. This lesson was exciting and educated!