конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Олена Вербицька, конкурсна робота № 42.
  • Новоселівська ЗОШ І-ІІІступенів Одеська область
  • Have you ever been in our school of Novoselivka? If you haven’t, I’ll tell you, why I like it so much. There’s the place, where I had the best lessons of English, you can imagine. English laboratory appeared in our school some years ago. This system helps pupils listen to the texts? speak in short groups or check their English skills by short tests. There is a panel with the buttons and headphones with microphones on each desk. When I saw this laboratory for the first time, I was really excited. I was looking forward to that day, when it’ll be possible to start working with this unusual equipment. And this day came. That English lesson was the best of all. We started learning new topic. The topic was “Sport equipment for different kinds of sport”. Firstly, we get papers with tasks for speaking. Our teacher often makes such tasks for us and not only such, because she prepares for lessons very responsibly. So, we took our headphones and started working in pairs. I was surprised, because I heard only my partner. We discussed all questions that were on our piece of paper and shared with the teacher our results. Then we worked with the blackboard. There were many pictures with sport’s equipment. The task was to guess the sports on these images. As for me, it was so interesting and well remembering. After this we opened our books, found the exercise, we needed and started listening to the text using headphones. The teacher turned on the audio. Oh, it’s the most pleasant and the most comfortable way to do listening, I’ve ever tried. Nothing didn’t interrupt or distract me. So, I like it very much. It seemed to us so easy to continue uncompleted sentences, because the text was interesting (about rugby and soccer). The last task was testing. Our teacher prepared for us special tests that included twelve questions about sports. We pressed the buttons with correct answers and, when we did the last question, saw our marks on the small screens at once. I think, it’s very useful thing for pupils. Finally, we make summary about role of sport in our life. Of course, it’s very important, because it helps us to keep fit and find new friends and like-minded people. Going in for sports is always good!