конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дмитро Назаренко, конкурсна робота № 48.
  • Прилуцька гімназія №5 імені Віктора Андрійовича Затолокіна Чернігівська область
  • English — my favourite subject. I am very grateful to my English tescher who made me interested in this language. Thanks to her I understood how important English is for communication and for my future career. It is a weel-known fact that eighty-five per cent of imformation in the Internet is in English. So if I want to become goot specialist, I should have deep knowledge of this language. Our teacher Ludmyla Vasylivna is very competent and has a good command of English. Besides, she is a creative person, that's why our lessons are always interesting and cognitive. One of the lessons I liked most of all was devoted to London's places of interest. Our teacher used some interactive me thods. One of them was the creation of mini-grops (five groups with three pupils in each one). Every group was given a separate task to prepare a presentation about one of London's sights. The pupils used photos, pictures, drawings that made their stories vivid and exciting. The interactive method "Microphone" added their presentstion a special atmosphere. Then game "Brainstorm" helped to practise a lot of new lexical units and expressions. We divided into two teams, one had cards with one or two words that characterized a certain London's sight without naming it. The other team had to guess this sight. The method "Unfinished sentence" proved to be rather effective, too. It was especially helpful for weaker students because it gave them a possibility to learn the necessary words and actively use them. We also saw a very interesting film about London and had " A Round Table Talk" during which each pupil expressed his opinion what he/she enjoyed most and where he/she would like to go first of all. After that our teacher proposed us a game. One of the pupils was an English guide, the others were Ukrainian tourists who came to London. Ludmyla Vasylivna asked our Crafts teachers to make a model of the bus so we took a bus and got off it like real tourists. We asked our guide many a questions and took photos. It was unforgettable! We extended our knowledge about the British capital and got nice communicative skills. This lesson will stay green in my memory for ever.