конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Марія Янбергс, конкурсна робота № 51.
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  • MY ENGLISH LESSON Hello! My name is Maria Yanbergs. I’m twelve years old and I’m from Odessa. I want to describe you one of our English lessons. There are many forms of our lessons: home reading lessons, making projects, working with computer, descriptions of the photos and many others. However, I want to tell you about my favourite one - it’s tea time lessons. Everyone has to know about English traditional tea time. It lasts one hour and begins at 5 o’clock in the evening. However, we study in school till 3 p.m. but we follow all other traditions. These lessons are not often, but they give us very good memories and positive feelings. This kind of lesson creates very good atmosphere within our group and we feel like at home. Recently, there was the thirty-first of October – Halloween day. I want to tell you some information about this holiday. This holiday started in Ireland and that was a day, when all evil come to the cities. It is a very popular holiday within children and teenagers as well as adults. So many people all over the world wear different masks and costumes reflecting various kinds of evil and scary characters from books, movies and comics. In my opinion, this holiday is very funny and sociable, though its evil’s day. On this day kids come out from their houses as a crowd moving from one house to another. In this case, they cry the scare phrase «Trick or Treat?» So, we decided to celebrate Halloween exactly at tea time. Celebrating Halloween during our tea time will inspire us for sincere conversation and amusing stories. So, we made certain arrangements. As we all like eating sweets everyone had to bring something tasty .I decided to cook something unusual. So, I cooked very tasty biscuit, which I decorated with very colourful mastic. At least, a very big and colourful pumpkin was ready. It was one of my best dish, which I ever cooked. One of my friend brought cookies with writings on this topic . So, our arrangements was not over! Don’t forget about cups (to drink tea) and teaspoons (to mix tea with sugar).Eventually, we were sitting all together , eating and speaking English. Our class is located at third floor just above teacher’s class and it so happened that we made a lot of noise and disturbing sounds during our hot discussions. Of course, after few minutes one of school teachers came to our class to see what is going on. You can imagine her shock when she saw our group laughing, loudly speaking English, eating and drinking something and all class wore various masks and costumes!!!!!! It was a wonderful time which I spent with my classmates. I would like to recommend to have tea time lessons more often. In my opinion, this type of lessons is very useful and help us to improve our knowledge. What do you think about it ? Maria Yanbergs , Odessa , Ukraine .