конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Марина Янчишена, конкурсна робота № 53.
  • Районний ліцей"Пріоритет"067 Одеська область
  • It was the last day of September.Our English teacher announced our marks and gave homework.Since our new topic was Art,we had to revise the thematical wordbank. Next lesson we were talking about our favourite painters and their masterpieces,reading a text,listening to a record,doing some exercises.At the end of the lesson the teacher said that the next English lesson would be held at the local museum.She told us that the museum had opened a new exhibition,devoted to Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology.There were works of the students of Odesa Art College named after M.Grekov,Odesa Art School named after K.Kostandi and Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Art School. Next lesson started at the museum.We were walking around,looking at the pictures,discussing them and speaking out our mind.After choosing a picture for describing we had to share our opinion about it.We tried to do our best.The task was challenging but we imagined ourselves English-speaking guides.I chose a picture which showed an ancient Greek ship.While describing the picture I told that perhaps the first settlers of our town were the passengers of that ship... We asked the teacher about her favourite picture.She showed us a small picture.Its title was"Sirtaki".It showed Greek musical instruments.The major colour was red.At the bottom there were written some notes.We all gathered around the picture.The teacher took out her mobile,found the tune of sirtaki and switched it on.We were listening to the melody,and the picture ithe golden frame seemed to be shining like the hot Greek sun!