конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Гриценко Валерія, конкурсна робота № 58.
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  • The Best English Lesson It goes without saying that though we can improve our English while listening to English songs, reading books in the original and watching video, all these things can't definitely replace an effective English lesson. Actually English lessons may be different. They may be interesting and boring, productive and not very efficient, well or badly- organized. Speaking about my experience in learning English I should say that I was lucky to be present at a lot of exciting and fruitful English lessons. But the best lesson I have ever had was the lesson at the language camp. I spent my summer holiday at this camp last year. Two volunteers from the USA worked there. My English teacher was Mary. She was a young pretty girl from Texas. She gave us lessons, played different games, sang songs and we spent a lot of time together. The lesson which I want to speak about, was dedicated to the topic friendship. At the beginning of the lesson the teacher asked us a question, "What is friendship?" Mary gave us the cards with the words and word-combinations which helped us to discuss the problem. Besides, we had a lot of fun playing a team game. The game was connected with our home task. Actually we had learned a lot of proverbs about friendship. The team which remembered more proverbs was the winner. After that we watched a short video about the relations between two boys. The teacher developed our listening skills and checked our comprehension by giving us some tasks of multiple choice. Surprising she didn't check up our works, we exchanged the sheets of paper with our partners and checked them ourselves. What is more we even put marks our classmates. We were happy that the teacher trusted us. Reading Shakespeare's sonnet about a friend and discussing the poet's understanding of a real friend and a false one I enjoyed most of all. I felt confident and realised that I can read English poems in the original. Moreover, this activity awakened positive emotions in my soul. At the end of the lesson we sang a merry song about friendship. Time flew very quickly and we were sorry that the lesson was over. In conclusion I'd like to say that it's very important to have an enthusiastic teacher, who communicates with his or her pupils in English. However, I think that much depends on pupils as well. They should take part in all activities and regularly prepare their homework. I am happy I had a fabulous English lesson and I hope it isn’t the last one. By VALERIIA HRYTSENKO, FORM 11, NOVEMBER 2016 VINNYTSIA SCHOOL №13