конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Вікторія Доценко, конкурсна робота № 6.
  • Вільшанська ЗОШ І-ІІ ступенів Черкаська область
  • I am Vika. My surname is Dotsenko. I am a pupil of the eighth form. I study at school in Vilshana. The pupils of our school learn two foreign languages : Russsian and English. I am convinced that a person who learns a language, at the sometime gets acquainted with the culture of the country, its literature and geographe. I have English two times a week: every Tuesday and Thursday. When the bell rings both the teacher and the pupil come into the classroom. We sit down at our table, open our textbooks, exrcisebooks and the lesson begins. During the lesson we ask each other questions and try to retel on what we have heard. Sometimes it is a story , sometimes we act a dialogue or a conversation. During the classes of English you can train and develop our memory and creative thinking. Apart from this we speak English a lot, but we also read texts. As a rule, I like all English lessons and most of all I like creative, non - standart, original lesson. Most of all I remember the recent week of English. The whole week we tried to communicate is one of the official languages in the world. Our class painted a wall newspaper. The content was the following : «How do we learn English?». We received an award for it. Everything was fine. I, personally,read rep,songs, recite poems in English. My classmates and I song the song «Snow». We received good marks and positive emotion for that. This lesson I shall remember for a long time. This inspired me to solve complex problems, find advantages in the English language. Especially thanks to the teacher of English – Liudmyla Anatoliivna. She gives these tasks and exercises. Than, she gives interesting homework. Obviously, learn English language! And everything is going to be OK. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard.