конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Бабаян Елліна, конкурсна робота № 60.
  • Херсонский НВК № 56 Херсонської міської ради Херсонська область
  • The Best English Lesson Hello! My name`s Ellina Babayan. I study at Gymnasium № 56, Kherson. I`m a student of the eighth form. The students of my gymnasium learn several foreign languages. They are English, Spanish and German. I`m a lucky person, because I have an opportunity to learn such languages. Of course, everyone has his favorite subject. Most students love Math, History, Chemistry or ICT. Why don`t so many students like English? Children find it difficult. But I think if they are taught with new interactive methods of learning languages, they will like English. The teachers of my school use such methods. And now let me say some words about my favourite school teacher. She teaches English. Her name is Elena Mikhaylovna. She was the first who introduced us to the wide world of English language. And during all school years English has been remaining my favourite subject. So there is the lesson that I really liked. On that day, we learned the topic "Travelling". The bell rang and the children stood up to greet the teacher. Traditionally, we welcome our English teacher with such expression: « Good morning, good morning, good morning to you Good morning, good morning I`m glad to see you» First of all, we paid attention to the board, where the photos were hanging. They were from different countries and cities in the world. In turn, we took the card. Everyone could get three cards on which the name of the country and the image number were written. After that, everyone talked about the country that he had chosen. We talked sticking to such a plan: «We can see ... It's situated ... We can visit ...» Later, we decided to talk about the kinds of transport using the game Mind-Map. We used such types of transport as an airplane, a car, a ship, a train, a boat and a bike. Then all the students decided to discuss the cost of travel by different types of transport. That we have done with the help of the interactive game "Roundtable". The point of this game is to resolve a common problem, and other person has to prove his point of view. At the end we arranged the means of transport in the order from the cheapest to the most expensive on: A bike –a car – a train – a ship – a plane. Our classroom is equipped with multimedia projector and whiteboard, so it gives us a lot of opportunities. Five students had to present themselves as representatives of various travel agencies. They needed to attract tourists. Tourists were the other students. Then we were divided up into two teams: the team "Travel firms" and "Tourists". It was very exciting. Each representative of the travel company came up with the name. They were trying to please every tourist. The team "Tourists" asked questions and in the end the presentation each had the right to vote: in favor or against. I was one of those who voted. I was offered to go to New Zealand, London, New York, Canada and California. Most of all I liked the story about London, so I voted in favor of a trip to London. This game helps to develop speech and creativity. All in all, the lesson was really interesting. We learnt new words, made up dialogues, sang the song about travelling, played interesting games and did the crossword. I really enjoyed that lesson. After that I finally decided that my profession will be a teacher of English. And I hope that I will go to London soon.