конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна Перелигіна, конкурсна робота № 65.
  • Районний ліцей"Пріоритет" Одеська область
  • Our English classes are interesting,and I want to tell about one of them.It was a lesson about difficult life of pop stars.We were talking about advantages and disadvantages of having famous parents.We had found a lot of material in the Net and everybody was taking an active part at the lesson. The most interesting part of the lesson was when the teacher gave us an unusual task.Some of us were "star parents",while others were their"children".We were making up dialogues between them,and it was really funny! Some "naughty children"did not want to do their homework,others did not eat healthy food. Some wanted to listen to loud rock,some were refusing to follow their "parents"to France.We were using our mobiles with translators endlessly!At that lesson we learnt a lot of new words,expressions,idioms as well.Everybody was working hard.Two of the girls wanted to look like real celebrities,so they put on their make-up! In general the atmosphere was busy and friendly,we were working hard the whole dubble period from the very first minute till the last one.We were inventing such incredible stories that our teacher was greatly impressed by our imagination.At the end of the lesson she said we all had shown that we all were talanted!