конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Карина Юніна, конкурсна робота № 66.
  • Районний ліцей "Пріоритет" Одеська область
  • I am in year 11 and I have studied English since kindergarten.The District Lyceum is the third place where I study English but the lessons here are much more interesting.They are more energetic,vivid,modern and useful.The knowledge I get will help me,because my future will be connected with the English language. Today I would like to tell about our English lessons which we had last summer in our Summer Language Camp "Priority",They were really unusual,sometimes the lessons did not look like the school lessons at all.Still we got a lot knowledge and we worked hard.We were busy,very busy,and now I understand that that work at the Summer Camp helps me now in my study!Our days were full of language games,quizes,meeting interesting people who toldus about their impressions of Britain and the British,of America and the Americans.We were watching films about English-speaking countries and attending English Drama Club.We were singing English and American songs,we were making projects and present tations,writing verses and translating limerics. But the most memorable for me was an excursion to the Fortress.We had been to the Fortress before and to tell the truth,did not expect anything unusual.The only intrigue was that our teacher told us to prepare questions in English.And now imagine our astonishment,when our guide started the excursion in English! I will never forget that excursion!