конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Владислава Пономаренко, конкурсна робота № 67.
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  • English lessons Hello, my name is Vlada, I am a student of the seventh form and I am from Ukraine. I am very happy that I have an opportunity to write this letter. English is impotant for people from all over the world. In almost all countries, people speak English. It helps people make new friends and find a job. In general, this language is international, which helps people in communicating. Fifty-six countries use English like their official language and in three countries it is actually official (Australia, the UK, the USA). English is a major language of International communication, trade, cooperation and business, which has a large variety of dialects and sub-dialects. Dialects of English language has about a hundred species. I think you will be interested to read about English lessons in my country. I am a student of Odessa High School number nine. My teacher is Nelia Anatolievna. In my opinion she is a well-established teacher, who is admired with her work and I find her very kind. Our lessons are based on games and quizes. We make different projects and essays. Our English classes are such a pleasant rest and work simultaneously. We watch videos, playing, but at the same time we improve our knowledge and increase our vocabulary. Every day, we more and more strengthen our concept of knowledge of the English language. I want to tell you about our Halloween Lesson. We've had our classroom done out with balloons. Also, we decided to keep the traditions of English people and arranged a tea party with homemade bakery, which was decorated on Halloween. Some pupils brought information about celebrating this holiday in different countries. It was fun and challenging. During the lesson we have learned a lot about the customs of different parts of the world. It was interesting to learn more about traditions of our neighbours on the planet. Also, it was a great pleasure to make this projects, bake cakes and bring sweets. We are pleased to be able to organize such holidays in the workdays. Thanks our teacher for such opportunity. We have different public lessons too. They based on questions and exercises in the presence of the school principal. They can be difficult and easy, but usually they are interesting. I hope that you are interesting in my story. I will be waiting for your response. With best wishes. Student of the seventh form of Odessa High School number nine, Vlada.