конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Дар'я Дьякова, конкурсна робота № 69.
  • Одеська гімназія № 9 Одеської міської ради Одеської області Одеська область
  • My English lesson D'iakova Dasha Form 3 (7) - C Gymnasia №9 My English lesson My name is Dasha. And I'm twelfth years old. I study in the gymnasium number nine. This school is with English bios. My favourite lesson is English too. I like this lesson from the first class. This language is very interesting, exciting and popular. I want to learn English because I'm sure that it will be need in my future life. My English teacher's name is Nelia Anatolievna. She teaches some my classmates and me. Thanks to her, I like this lesson. I'm so happy, when I go on her everyday lessons. Every day I learn more interesting information than before the lesson. I think, a secret of my adoration to the subject relies in the fact, that Nelia Anatolievna makes her lessons a bit unusual. Sometimes she organizes a tea drinking party. We like this idea a lot. When Nelia Anatolievna organizes a small tea drinking, we inherit the traditions of the British. My classmates and our teacher talk about the British traditions and habits, a history about Great Britain. We usually read original books in English. I read a lot of interesting books in English. For example, "Mary Poppins", "The adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn", and now I'm reading a detective " The Hound of the Baskervilles". When we read the original books in English, we learn a lot of words. I read more interesting books than in primary school. Our group makes some beautiful handmade toys or decorations for each holiday. Then all children in school see our decorations at the exhibition. My classmates paint eggs for Easter, crafts for Halloween or New Year. We all work in the teams. Our works are always the best, because we are friendly. My classmates and I like doing history projects. They like talking about their life, friends day in English too. Nelia Anatolievna organizes a speaking test at the end of the year. We talk on the certain topics. This test is my favourite because I like talking about myself. I bring some interesting, information visually, by their eyes. The different competitions in English often happens in my school. My friends and I take part in each competition with great pleasure every year. Thanks to these competition, I learn more and more interesting information. I'm so sorry, that competitions only once a year. I find it more informative than competition in literature. At our usual lesson we speak English, write the tests or read new texts. But we laugh too. Nelia Anatolievna always jokes. She explains clearly a new topic, so we write our tests well. We learn a lot of grammatical algorithms to understand a theme. It's sometimes difficult, sometimes easy. We check our homework too. My dream is to visit London. I love Great Britain too. I want to learn English and go to the Great Britain. I want to talk to the local people, become their friend, work there. I like British history, traditions and habits. I dream to visit the Tower Bridge or Westminster Abbey and other sights.