конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Оксана Власенко, конкурсна робота № 72.
  • Березнянська ЗОШ I-II ст. Чернігівська область
  • If someone asks me what seems most worried, I answer: It is opening a new vision of the world. Impressions are different, but they are necessary for the experience. I'm really influenced by English lessons. I live in a small village Berezna, Mena region. It would seem that English is disclosed in more urban schools, but I was struck by material that is in us. My favorite lesson I can take the theme of cinema.In England the cinema is usually called “the pictures”. In America the word “the movies” is often used. Cinema-going is a favourite pastime in Britain. People go to the cinema once or twice a week. Cinema-going is more popular in industrial towns in the North of England and Scotland than in the South. However, especially if it is cold and wet outside, many people like to stay at home to watch TV. Cinemas in England are usually large and more comfortable than the theatres. Often there is a restaurant, so that it is possible to spend an afternoon and evening there (if you have enough money, of course). Behind the cine-ma screen there is a stage, so that the building can be used for concerts and other performances. British cinema-goers see mainly English and American films, though many of the foreign films are often shown in London and in the South of the country. In our country cinema-going is not so popular now as it was earlier. People prefer to stay at home and to watch TV or video. Important role in the vision of cinema plays visibility and practice. English teacher brought us movie footage of past years and present. We felt our eyes shift changes .This feeling of humanity, when the movie was in black and white, and color now. But each of them has a chance to exist. We saw historical adventure film and in English.Finally I want to say that we are doing interesting lesson, namely our good mood and sincere smile.