конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Валерія Чумакова, конкурсна робота № 74.
  • Загальноосвітня середня I-III ступенів №35 Чернігівська область
  • Let me introduce myself. My name is Valeria Chumakova. I’m а student of the 10th form of school N 35 in Chernihiv. In 2 years I’ll leave school. We have a lot of subjects at our school but English is my favourite.I think that all educated people must be able to speak English. I’d like my future profession to be connected with this language and perhaps with economy or business. I’d like to describe our English lessons, because they help me to get know a lot of new words, to master my grammar, to develop my speaking and listening skills. The topic of our previous lesson was “Feelings”. It was interesting and exciting lesson. In the beginningof the lesson we had a brief discussion: “ How do we feel in different situations?” For example : before some important events such as exams or going somewhere on holidays. I have already known a lot of words expressing feelings but but some were new for me. So we practice their pronunciation in the class (e.g.embarrassed, guilty, relieved). After that our teacher showed us a lot of photos of people. We tried to guess how those people were feeling and why. I described the second photo so I said that I thought that the boy in photo 2 looked confused because he maybe was doing a test and didn’t understand the question. After that we listened to recording . There were eight speakers . Our task was to choose the correct adjective to describe how each person was feeling. At first we checked our answers in pairs then in class. As for me I like such tasks in listening because we can here the native speakers of English. During that lesson I got to know that adjectives are often used with prepositions and different adjectives take different prepositions.So our next task was to complete the questions with the correct prepositions. Then we again listened to five people talking about events in their life and answered the questions. It was very interesting task because everybody of us had his or her own opinion. We try to use only English at our lessonsbut sometimes it is very difficult. That time I wanted to say more about feeling of the girl than I had done .I like speaking tasks because very often we work in pairs or in groups. Our next speaking task was to make a dialogue using such adjectives as nervous, irritated, delighted, afraid, shocked, confused, homesick and disappointed. We had to say when we last timefelt ourselves e.g. afraid and what was the reason. For example I made a dialogue with my girlfriend who is sitting next to me. I asked her - When did you last feel nervous ? She answered - About a month ago. I had a difficult test in math and I was really nervous about it. It was time to work with a dictionary a little. Speaking about feeling we need to know what preposition does the adjective need. We used a dictionary and found some adjectives with prepositions from the list. We also played a game to practice the adjectives. We divided into two teams. Our teacher gave us definition or situation. E.g. If you want what somebody else has got, you are … ? or Yor brother wins a major tennis competitions. How do you feel? The teams had to answer immediately. If we answer correctly, we win a point for our team. If we answer incorrectly, we lose the point. We managed also to read the text and inserted the missing words. Our teacher gave us copies with the text. After finishing the work some of my classmates read their variant aloud.Then we compared some stories and discussed possible variants. I also like work with idioms. Idioms make our language brighter and more colourful. Each of us got a part of an idiom. We moved around the class and tried to find the missing part. We read our idioms aloud. Then our teacher asked us to explain the meaning of our idioms. Sometimes we consulted the poster with written idioms and their definitions. Grammar is unavoidable for our teacher at the lesson. At that lesson grammar was short and quick. We looked at Past tenses, revised the using them in narratives. We did some short exercises. As for me I liked grammar exercises. It is very useful and necessary for our future exam.We got as a home assignment to write a letter or email. And lack of grammar makes difficult to do it. We do different types of grammar tasks some of them are very interesting and easy but sometimes it can bedifficult. I like grammar exercises in form of games and competitions in groups.We retell in pairs stories from the memory with the book closed for one student and other student prompts to the first student. It is very interesting and sometimes funny. But most of all I like our video lessons. Before watching the video we read and answer the questions. We check our answers when we watched the video. After watching the video we completethe sentences with the words from exercises. And if we had a time we discussed the watching video. The most favourite stage of the lesson for me is when our teacher asks us in a turn to pretend to be the teacher and teach our classmates. We chose what part of the lesson we’ll like to teach. As for me I like to do the beginning of the lesson. I usually use different riddles puzzlesor presentations. They of course should be connected with the topic of the lesson. At the end of the lesson our teacher says our marks and asked us what we have learned at the lesson. I must say that after each lesson I enrich my vocabulary, make better my speaking writing and listening skills. I try to do my best in studying Englishand my teacher helps me a lot.