конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Олександр Цибуля, конкурсна робота № 76.
  • Ганнівська загальноосвітня школа І - ІІІ ступенів Кіровоградська область
  • Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Olexandr. I am a pupil of the 10th form. During 10 years of studying at school I had many interesting lessons, but nevertheless I’m fond of English language and these lessons are the most wonderful. Every lesson of English is unique and there are different tasks, exercises, devices. As far as I remember the best lesson for me was in the 8th form when we were learning the topic “Music”. This theme is very close to me, because I am a big fan of different music styles. Each lesson of this topic was full of different interesting tasks, but most of all I remember the lesson of summarizing, when we remembered all lexical and grammar material. Warm-up was as usual: greeting, aims, but our teacher didn’t name the topic of the lesson. On the blackboard were hanging cards with different musical styles, and when we named all the styles with the first letters we made the theme “Music Is Alive”. Then we made such exercises for revision as: - Guessing game (one pupils told the meaning of the word and others were to guess the style of music or instrument); - Work with cards (we were to fill in the sentences with the words from the box); - Matching game (for revision suitability between musical instruments or styles and countries); - Work with presentation (we were to listen to the extracts of the songs, look into the pictures and name a music type); - Answering questions about our musical preferences; - Work in pairs (making and presenting mini-dialogues on different situations connected with music. I remember that I was a customer of a shop and I spoke with a seller about buying a new CD); - Reading (we analyzed information about pop styles and their origin. After-reading activity was a game “Noughts and Crosses”. There were 9 questions according to the text and we named a number one by one and answered. If anyone didn’t know the right answer, the other pupil could get more points); - Relaxing energizing (watching video “Here We Go Loopty-Loo” and doing movements); - Listening (we were to listen to the song of a legendary man Michael Jackson “Hold my hand”, filling the missing information to the cards); - After summing-up the lesson we sang a song “Don’t worry, be happy”. It was great cool and funny! I think that such lessons are so important and unforgettable for: Tasks Harmony between pupils Activities Nice friendly atmosphere Kind teacher Special cards and videos Energizing Not being sad Getting good results Loyalty to everyone Improving material Singing and Happiness! And it may seem unbelievable and incredible but I’m proud of my English lessons, I love English and I want to improve it!