конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ростик Дутко, конкурсна робота № 82.
  • ССЗШ№5 Львівська область
  • My name is Rostyk .I study at school number five.This school is in Lviv.My school is in the centre of my city.I st have an English lesson every day.This language is important because I can use it everywhere.We do diffrerent tasks at the lesson.My favourite lesson is when we read different texts in our Readers.I like it because we may know many interesting informations or facts.This book has many beautiful pictures and photos .They are colourful.We decribe photos and answer the questions.Our teacher brings us some video . After that we start reading and write new words.After that we do different interesting exercises.For example, Put True or False, I like this task because we must think and compare.Complete the senteces – we must read the text very quickly to find the right word.The most easy is to circle the correct words, because we have these words.At the end we must write the short answers, I don’t like tis task.The most I like discussion with your partner.We must answer the question and say our opinion.We must imagine that we are the same.I like all the texts in this book:”Amazing Sculptures”, “How to make a mask”, “Shark Trainer”,”The hottest place on Earth”,”Unusual houses”.I like English because every lesson we travel to different place .