конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Вікторія Легінович, конкурсна робота № 83.
  • ССЗШ№5 Львівська область
  • ENGLISH AT MY SCHOOL I have many subjects at school, but English is one of my favourite. I have English five times per week, nevertheless, it never bores me. At every lesson we learn something new: some sophisticated words, idioms and new grammar issues. Besides that, our teacher often looks for some really effective complementary stuff for us. So, it helps a lot and encourages us to study more. Recently we have discussed a very interesting topic. At those lessons, we have talked about mass media, internet in our lives and whether we could imagine our lives without all these things. In addition, we had a few lessons about newspapers. However, to my mind, both newspapers and radio are the things of the past, because now we all have an access to the internet and we could search for everything we want there. Additionally, we had a lesson on different types of pronunciation of the English language. We have watched many videos with people saying sentences with different pronunciation and we tried to copy it. So, it was really funny. My classmates and I were having a good time together. At the end of the lesson, our teacher divided us into small groups. Our homework was to make some projects in small groups about various types of English pronunciation. The teacher said that we should generate some really great ideas. No matter whether this project is on the computer or in a form of the game – it must be interesting and creative. We had one week to do this and my group as a very eager beaver had managed to accept this challenge. We tried to brainstorm as many ideas as possible. We decided to make a video, on which everyone of us would say the same sentences but with different pronunciation. In addition, we made a game: one of us had to say the sentences and other students should tell which pronunciation it is: West English, American English or Irish etc. Our team has done so well over the past week. We have managed to cover so much ground. We have presented this project and all students from our team had received top grades. Other projects were also very interesting. Moreover, we played a lot of games. I hope that in the near future we will have more lessons like this. To my mind, English is a very important lesson at school, because without this language you can’t fluently communicate with people when you travel to other countries. If you don’t know English, you won’t study abroad. For me English is the part of my life