конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Ірина Супрун, конкурсна робота № 84.
  • ССЗОШ І-ІІІст. №3 Луганська область
  • English Speaking - 2016 MY TOWN My name is Iryna and I have been studying at the English specialized school #3 in Starobelsk Lugansk region for two years. I moved to Starobelsk in 2014, when in my hometown it was impossible to stay due to constant bombing attacks. I remember how awful I felt when I knew nobody in a new school and in a whole town. There were 10 new pupils ion the class who left their homes like me. Our teacher of English understood our feelings and proposed to organize a lesson about a new town for us Starobelsk. The aim of it was to get some information about the town, its history and the most popular sights. Before the lesson we did some preparation work. First of all, We learnt new words on the topic “Town”. Besides, our teacher gave us an unusual task: she gave us cards with sights written on them. We had to find the place and shoot a short video about this place. My place was the Bridge. As I live near to it, I know that it is a place where newlyweds leave their locks, and this bridge is also famous for its wonderful views. So it was easy for me to shoot a 30 second episode about the bridge. At last our lesson started. At the beginning of it we matched word combinations connected with “Town”. The beginning of the word was on the blackboard and the second part had to be found somewhere in the class. It was wonderful. I was the first to find “Travel agency”. After that our teacher took a suitcase, which contained lots of pretty things connected with “Town”. Firstly we found a cassette and our teacher proposed us to listen to short extracts and guess the place where those people were. It was a bit difficult for me, but I managed to cope with it. After that the teacher found an old diary full of historical things about Starobelsk. But some pages were blurred. Our task was to complete the information using the given verbs and put them into Past Simple. Besides, we found out that there were different short extracts about the places which were popular in Starobelsk 50 years ago. Our task was to read about the sights. Then, on the screen we saw different people who wanted to see our town. And using the information from the extracts and that which was on the screen we gave some advice on the best sight to see. Ant at last we came to the best part of our lesson. Our teacher proposed us to compare old Starobelsk with new one. We watched the videos, which we had made ourselves. Our task was to watch and write down the places which were shot. While watching we laughed a lot, because our funny faces and unusual voices. When we did so, our teacher asked us to check if we were right. We had to make up a word from the first letters of the places we had just watched about. The word was STAROBELSK. It was cool. In conclusion, I’d like to say that this lesson helped us to get information about our new place of living. What is more, we got to each other closer. I should say that now I almost get used to living in Starobelsk and I have visited all the places which we discussed the lesson.