конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Таїсія Спесивцева, конкурсна робота № 85.
  • Херсонська гімназія №6 Херсонська область
  • My favourite lesson at school For many years, from day to day, we go to school to get education, and as a result we can find a good job, – which means prosperity and happy family. All this gives us knowledge and new experience. The topics of English lessons can be quite diverse and quite different from each other: from healthy food and sport, to endangered species. All this can be very interesting and cognitive not only for eighth – graders, but for the students of any other age and even adults. There are lessons that stay long it the memory and leave the most vivid impressions. I think that everyone has a lesson that is remembered for a very long time. And I am certainly not an exception. Most of all I remembered the lessons on the topic “Nature’s Warning” which we have learned this year. Although, we learned this not long ago, I would like to highlight this lesson. Firstly, the teacher split us into three groups. Each group made their own research on such issues: recycling , reducing waste materials in the environment and reusing them. Also, there was a practical work on a very important and popular issue for today:” How Can We Stop Global Warming”? Students have done a lot of unordinary reports, more over each group suggested their ways to solve the problems. We prepared pictures to make the material more memorable, then we watched a short video. By the way, do you know that recycling of one Cola can help run TV for three hours? I remembered a large number of new words (as deforestation or overfishing) and interesting facts, which were told us by the teacher and which were in the reports of my classmates. In addition to English, I deepened my knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy, because at the lesson we found out about the dangers of various devices and chemicals to the ozone layer and our environment, and I made my own conclusions. I think, it was the most cognitive and interesting lesson for the whole semester.