конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Анна Кабатова, конкурсна робота № 87.
  • ЗШ І-ІІІ №10 Кіровоградська область
  • For this lesson we prepared, beginning from junior classes. Even then, as a 7-8 year old children, we marveled at the richness of spoken and written English. And, of course, even then, each of us dreamed of his or her own activities as a writer and author of songs those would become hits. In general, in the elementary grades, we learned to make small poems and rhyming lines without forgetting to put them in a whatsoever sense. Then, on the fate of our class took many tests: in a few years, we changed a few teachers, and I think it is no secret that to get used to such rapid changes quite problematic. This is similar to multitasking: you are chasing two rabbits at once, but, as a result, you will not catch either one. Therefore, we had different approaches of teachers, their teaching methods and ideas. Meanwhile, our soul gave no rest a beautiful memory of the once held the promise of a lesson and the teacher that one day, the truth, no one knows when we will have a lesson in which everyone can express their creative abilities in English. All these years we have been preparing and waiting impatiently. As a rule, the fate rewards those who know how to wait and be patient. We were no exception. Our teacher came back to us only six years later - in the 10th grade. But this expectation, in truth, was worth it. The result was a great lesson that I think I'll remember the rest of my life. Strange, but never before I could not even think that in 45 minutes you can get so much pleasure. Each of us presented to the public their poems, songs and some interesting sayings. For those who are already intrigued by the details, I tell you in more details. It was a normal October morning, it was raining, stood outside weather disheartening. Only divination something great did not allow itself to discouragement penetrate into our soul. After four lessons, we waited for the very last, as expected. Our teacher came into the class and as usual greeted us. We were at a loss: did she forget to hold the same lesson today about this, we promise? And although we all know that it should not be, everyone could not dare to ask. In the end, someone's patience snapped, and one of my classmates finally asked about the lesson. With a smile, the teacher said that we cannot be fooled. Indeed, it is hard to deceive a group of people whose soul is exhausted waiting for the order. What a lesson it was! The theme of this lesson was: «Songs In Our Life or Life In Songs». I had prepared a few dozen songs, and at the time each of them was not enough, the very chance to present their work to the public good satisfied me. Besides, my best friends had read many poems, someone supported me and also prepared a song, someone who was not so good at English, and also helped us a lot: they created a musical accompaniment. Everyone felt him- or herself as an important part of this world. We understood, that we can more, than we can imagine. Viktoriya Viktorivna, our English teacher, helped us even when we didn’t know how to say about something or how to write something right. If you can’t do something – just try, it’s not so hard as you think. And this, in my opinion, extremely important: to give a chance to prove ourselves not only to those who know English well, but also for those who are far from it. Is not this is the main task of every teacher, not only of the English language? I have seen teachers who get hung exclusively on the best pupils, ignoring the rest. Okay, but what's the point, if someone feels very much attention, and someone feels deprived of them? Is it not for this reason that in our time so many adolescents with depression and apathy? In times of technological progress, creativity - the only thing that remains to us. It's kind of a small world where everyone can get away, where no one is limited and has to complete freedom of action. That’s a cure for pain and problems. In my opinion, the school is too much emphasis on specific knowledge and remnants of the past, while currently only has any sense was. We are studying the creation of once living poets, while each of us could write a worse poem or tried to do that. Perhaps that is why I so remember the lesson of the English language. At the beautiful moment each of us became in our own way free. No one is afraid to express themselves and discover our inner world for prying eyes. Moreover, each has received a lot of pleasant emotions. And let all that is left now each of us - just a pleasant memory and light shudder when you return to those moments, still nice to know that lessons can be gray, tedious and monotonous, but incredibly interesting, stimulating our inner world and motivating on learning English. In the end, we remember one old English proverb: «How many languages you know – so many times you are a man». And yes, thanks, or because of the lesson, there was a collection of my poetry and songs. Nothing ever goes unnoticed. Nothing is forgotten, nothing was in vain. Here’s my favorite poetry, that I call it song, «Reverse Evolution»: 1)From books and music to computer games From love and heartbreaking to virtual friends From real life to Internet From a good sport body to big fat From libraries and books to gadgets in life They think that it’s good that their feelings are high But new generation is always bored They just don’t know what they’re living for Chorus: Generation XXL don’t wanna have friends And all that they have – their virtual lands They don’t want to study and know anything more So what are they living for? Reverse evolution 2)They are always hungry – no sport and health more here Anyone don’t want to see anyone don’t want to hear Computers are main but it’s actually false They don’t know what is a dog and what is a horse What is the sun? Where is the Orion? They know nothing they’re always sitting at home This new generation will kill our world We’ll back to the Ice age, as somebody told Chorus 3)All right, I don’t know what to do, how to live Future generation won’t know how to feel Probably humans won’t be alive Robots will work and humans will die Stop this madness! Stop this insanity! Did you forget? We’re living in humanity Stop to kill yourself! It’s reverse evolution Stop to destroy this world! There’s no solution Chorus