конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Поліна Гайдадим, конкурсна робота № 9.
  • Загальноосвітня школа №10 Кіровоградська область
  • My name is Polina. I am 14 years old. I live in the wonderful and very beautiful town Svitlovodsk. I like this town very much. In the first class, I studied at school № 10. Now I am in the ninth form. I like English lessons. The lesson of the English language is a great way to common development. For all nine years of study I do not remember any lesson that would not be interesting. My teacher is Victoria Victorovna. She is a very beautiful teacher. Each lesson of her is especial. She tries to make sure that someone likes even those who do not like the English. I very often remind one of the English lessons which took place two years ago. Now I am a little tell you about it. Two years ago teachers of English prepared an unusual lesson in the hall. Unfortunately, I did not involve in it because it was for children 1-4 classes. But my younger sister Anna told me about it with great emotions. At the beginning of lesson children met the clowns. Their names were Roma and Dim. Clowns welcomed children and began to show their funny tricks. These funny boys began to surprise the children with their skills. All audience in the hall was just delighted with what they saw, but this idea had not ended yet. Ahead of waiting for the perfect show «At the zoo». It was a puppet show. The first appeared parrot John. He told our little audience that he had a lot of different friends, they were: a cat, a bear, panda - bear, an owl, a giraffe, an adult tiger, polar bear, a wolf and raccoon. About each of them told Mr. John. After the kids had learned some facts about these animals, the parrot began to tell the story «Grandmother House». This tale is known to every child. It is about a girl whose name is Red Riding Hood suffered her pies to grandmother. Her granny lives in the wood, but it is not prevented the girl to visit her. When Red Riding Hood is coming to grandma’s lodge, the angry and hungry wolf sees and deceives her. But the end of the story was traditionally happy. At the end of the show, the teachers decided to check how children were attentive. They asked children and every child knew a right answer. Then they applauded to the students who voiced these beautiful little animals. This show raised the mood of every spectator and participant. Even from my sister’s story, from her impressions I can say that: English is the sea of new features, a new life. Do not miss the opportunity to supplement your knowledge of English. In the words of Ludwig Vidgenshteyn: “The limits of my language is the limits of my world” was the answer to my sister’s question: “Do you like this story?” https://youtu.be/qW5O8v1DB3Q