конкурс English Speaking - 2016. Інна Балан, конкурсна робота № 99.
  • Підгірненський НВК Одеська область
  • I want to talk a little bit about one of my favorite lessons . This is the English language . undoubtedly most of you thought it was my very first English lesson , it is not so . I remember it was 2 years of my schooling , for me, this small lesson was fabulous ,a little mysterious and unknown. I have big mesmerizing eyes looked at the words I have still not seen this in the sounds exasperated letters . I am from lesson to lesson absorbed in the world of English . So from year to year until the 10th grade. Each lesson begins with a song in English. Then we have a repetition of the studied words in the last lesson we do in the game. I want to tell you a few games that we play , and that I like the most. The game is called "who am I?" take several pieces of paper write the words, sticking to his forehead and asks questions to which everyone should answer yes or no. Another game called "slow motion" the teacher holds the card in front of him picture to himself, then turns one card drawing to the students , but other cards covers it and only shows the edge , slowly increasing the visible part of the picture. The student who was the first to guess what is depicted on the card and correctly name the word in English, takes the card. The winner is the one who collects more cards. We then check the homework . Well, after all this the fun begins. We study a new topic , and the teacher always doing something interesting , talks interesting facts about the English language , make presentations , read different instructive games for example that I told you and play with us. The teacher does everything to ensure that we study this language. As experience shows, almost all the people of the world in part or in fluent English . I want to say that every English lesson special to say which one I liked the best, I can't , I like all the English lessons . Of course learning English in Ukrainian schools is not the same as in English-speaking countries of the world. But all those basic knowledge which are given at school are very helpful in modern life. I can confidently say that English is not every child loves. Especially study the words. But everything we learn , one way or another we need in life. And over the years we are aware of it. Here's an example of this, draw your own conclusions ,you will need this language or not?